Best Tools for Entrepreneurs: Everything You Need to Know

Best Tools for Entrepreneurs: Everything You Need to Know

What would a good entrepreneur be without a proper toolkit? Many software and applications are available on the web to help you set up your project. We have selected around twenty online services for you to develop your business with confidence. In this article, we will show you the best tools for entrepreneurs.

These tools are very helpful for every entrepreneur who wants to build a successful business or who is currently working on a business.

Summary :

  1. The tools to organize projects and manage teams
  2. Website creation tools
  3. Creating visuals: the best tools for entrepreneurs
  4. Easily create your landing page
  5. Tools for entrepreneurs developed by Google
  6. Applications to effectively manage social networks
  7. The tools to attack customers
  8. Invoicing tools available online
  9. What have we learned?

1. Tools to organize projects and manage teams



This tool remains the ideal tool not to get lost in the management of your business on a daily basis. Boards, cards, or lists allow you to plan your team’s tasks intuitively. The free version of Trello includes 10 team boards.


Tired of having to send an email every two minutes? Slack saves you precious time by centralizing all communication flows. All messages are archived for easy retrieval.


Are you looking for a project management application of childish simplicity? Like Trello, Asana’s solution lets you manage day-to-day teamwork. Create your own list and get started! Follow the project’s progress in real-time and make the necessary adjustments. A basic formula at 0 euro is available, with unlimited file storage. For a project plan that requires advanced features, you must subscribe to premium (10.99 euros) or business (24.99 euros) plans.


The note-taking app is one of the creams of the business tools available on the web. The tool already has 225 million users. It allows you to capture and organize notes, data, files, and voice memos on the same interface. Capture everything you want on the internet thanks to the browser extension: articles, pages, sites, etc. You can even share your documents with company employees who have not installed the application.


Automatically schedule your meetings with Calendly, without resorting to the famous “Monday morning mail”. The software helps every entrepreneur to simplify the management of their to-do list. You can distribute the meeting calendar to your teams according to availability and priorities.

2. Website creation tools that every entrepreneur needs



Among the tools available on the web, WordPress remains a safe bet. The prices charged vary greatly depending on the version chosen (from 0 to 45 euros per month, with annual invoices).


Website creation is not just for developers. This website offers a solution for the general public, and it remains easy to use, with a “drag and drop” interface. This tool does not require great technical skills. The prices charged again depend on the chosen plan (from 0 to 24.50 euros/month).

3. Creating visuals: the best tools for entrepreneurs



Easily create visuals for your startup or marketing projects with Canva. First, this online tool offers many tailor-made models, depending on the area of ​​activity of the company, there are nearly 50 000 ready templates to modify, next you can download your work and use it for your business. The platform allows you to take advantage of a list of combinations of colors and various fonts that you will integrate into your documents or files. You will be able to apply these visuals to your sites and social networks. Access to features is free.


Photo editing software is plentiful on the web. Pixlr is one of the most interesting services offered on the internet for managing your visuals. You will be able to achieve original artistic effects, improve the sharpness and saturation of your images and combine multiple documents. This editing software works as well on PC as on mobile. Different formulas are available for this service: free, premium (4 euros/month), and professional (12 euros/month).

4. Easily create your landing page


No need to be an expert in web design or marketing to convert your potential customers and develop your business, thanks to the solution developed by GetResponse. The platform helps you create your landing page. The Basic formula allows you to build an unlimited number of landing pages (13 € / month).


The Britix24 website builder offers every entrepreneur the opportunity to create their own landing page. Responsive and ready-to-use templates are available for you to find what you are looking for. Registration on the platform is free.

5. Tools for entrepreneurs developed by Google

Google analytics

Are you looking for a tool capable of in-depth analysis of the activity of your customers or prospects on your startup’s website? The application developed by the web giant allows you to collect online a list of essential data for the development of your business and your marketing strategy: the origin of traffic, media used by Internet users, successful conversions, calculation of return on investment social networks,…

Google drive

Google Drive storage tool is one of the essential applications for any entrepreneur. You can create your space and securely store and share your startup’s working documents. With Google Drive, you can store almost 15 GB of personal data for free.

6. Applications to effectively manage social networks


Facebook, Linkedin, Twitter,… Social networks are everywhere on this great chessboard called the internet. They are a great way to attract people to your sites and showcase your business and the startup’s plans. The fact remains that their management remains delicate for a self-employed entrepreneur or a company. Fortunately, there are apps like Buffer to manage all social networks from one place. You can plan your posts and the publication of your articles. The free version of the mobile application allows you to connect three accounts.


Like his comrade Buffer, the Hootsuite application allows you to program the posts of your favorite social networks from the same platform. This solution offers a list of tools to measure and analyze the performance of your publications. Create your own reports to check the impact of your “social” presence on the development of your business or on the success of your marketing campaigns with potential customers.

7. The tools to attack customers: The best one for entrepreneurs


Do you need to collect the opinions of your customers or prospects to develop the startup’s projects? SurveyMonkey offers its users to collect valuable data for their marketing strategy, through its survey and form creation tool. Market studies for your business plan, customer satisfaction surveys on items or the service offered, etc. There is plenty to do on the platform. Create your own online survey and get started! The prices charged by SurveyMonkey remain very variable (from 30 to 75 euros per month).


Customer relationship management, or CRM, is an art. A world leader in this category, Salesforce offers many services to businesses. The list of tasks is long: launching marketing campaigns, solutions for sales management, etc. Adapted prices allow auto entrepreneurs and start-up managers to find their way around.

8. Invoicing tools available online: The best invoice tools for entrepreneurs

Zoho Invoice

Create invoices and quotes in two clicks with Zoho Invoice software and keep your business accounts up to date. The service allows you to automatically send payment reminders. Signing up for the Zoho Invoice service is free. Different formulas and prices are offered to entrepreneurs. The free version at 0 euro per month will allow you to invoice up to five customers. The basic plan at 7 euros per month allows it to bill up to 50 people. is an easy-to-use billing software and Information portal for entrepreneurs. Account setup is instant. All you have to do is fill in the fields required for registration (Siret number, email address, etc.). The software is available in three formulas: standard (0 € / month), with unlimited invoices and quotes; starter (price at 3.9 € / month), with automatic calculation of the turnover to be declared; premium (€ 8.90 / month), with assistance for declaring your turnover.


In this article, we mentioned the top tools that any entrepreneur needs to run a successful business. You can refer to our other articles about how to build a successful business online and how to earn passive income.

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