Digital marketing, also called digital marketing, is characterized as the arrangement of marketing processes utilizing digital channels and media to advance a business on the web. It incorporates informal communities, messaging efforts yet in addition regular referring to or even an association’s site. The key to a fruitful digital strategy is the perfect management of digital resources. Fortunately, there are specialized tools that can save management time and increase your digital presence easily.

Hop, how about we go, here is the rundown of 10 tools that we can not manage without!

Wishpond (Marketing automation)

Main functionality: Do you fantasy about dealing with all your advanced marketing on a solitary platform? Wishpond did it! This across-the-board set-up of tools unites various functionalities, making it conceivable to make landing pages, distribute contests on social networks, write forms and even manage the sending of newsletters! No need to know how to code, the interface is very intuitive and works with drags and drops. Getting access to a Dashboard is possible it will show you in real-time the performance of your links, the conversion rate, and other information relevant to your digital strategy.

Price : From US $ 49 / month to US $ 199 / month for the full version Intended for who? SMEs and marketing agencies, more specifically community managers looking for an automation marketing platform that will save them time and remain affordable.

Google ads (SEA optimization)

Main functionality: Very popular in advertising and paid search, almost everyone in the digital marketing world has heard of Google Ads, formerly known as Adwords. Launched by Google 20 years ago, this program allows you to promote your products or services to customers who perform searches similar to what you offer and therefore find to effectively target potential customers.

Price: You should realize that the cost of an advertising campaign on Google Ads varies a lot, in fact, it depends on the keywords on which your advertisement relates: an advertisement containing keywords on which many companies want to advertise will cost considerably more than an ad with low-use keywords. However, you are the one who sets the budget you need to place in your Google Ads campaign, however, know that it is determined at CPC (cost per click) and consequently relies upon the number of guests that your advertisement will draw in.

Intended for who?
For the self-employed, SMEs, and large accounts who wish to benefit from the large traffic of search engines to increase their notoriety and better target their customers.

Mailpro (emailing):

Emailing reference platform: Mailpro allows you to efficiently manage everything related to your email campaigns. schedule mailings are possible, also you can create personalized email templates, design newsletters, and even analyze your emailing campaigns.

The little extra: There is a “Check Spam” option associated with a “Spam score” which allows you to check your emails before sending them and therefore to modify those which have a good chance of going directly into spam boxes and ending up. therefore never be consulted.

Price: There are 3 different subscriptions depending on your use of MailPro: – US $ 99 per year for 2000 emails per month – US $ 399 per year for 25,000 emails per month – US $ 999 per year for 100,000 emails per month

Intended for who?
Useful for the emailing manager or communication manager. The person who takes care of emails and general communication in the company.

Hootsuite (Social media management)

Main usefulness: Hootsuite is an internet-based stage permitting you to effortlessly deal with all your social platform on account of a solitary “Dashboard” that bunches them all. The tool permits you to plan posts, manage a publication schedule, analyze the impact of your digital campaign … So, Hootsuite unites different marketing procedures crucial for viable management of social organizations. Value: Professional membership: US $ 19/month, group US $ 99/month, Business US $ 499/month

Intended for who?

Ideal for supporting community managers consistently.

Bit.Ly (URL shortener)

Main functionality: On social networks, the greater part of the connections you see circling are short hyperlinks that divert to a site page. The instrument permits you to make these abbreviated URLs the original links of a site.

The best URL shortener, has other features that contribute to its popularity. For example, the platform also makes it possible to analyze the traffic on the URLs generated and especially the performance of each social network for a given link.

Price: Free version available and paid version starting at US $ 29 per month.

Intended for who? is especially useful for community managers because it allows them to easily share short links on social networks and analyze their performance.

Canva (content creation)

Main functionality: An online platform specializing in content creation and visual design, Canva is exceptionally valuable for making banners, logos, standards, or even Facebook page covers.

Extremely simple to utilize, the free plan offers many highlights and different layouts that permit quick and expert content creation.

Price: Free version available and pro version starting at US $ 9.95 per month.

Intended for who?

Canva is widely used by community managers, graphic designers, and designers.

Google Analytics (traffic analysis)

Main functionality: Do you want to have an eye on the performance of your website? Track your conversion rate, better understand your visitors and analyze the performance of each link: this is possible thanks to the Google Analytics tool. The functionality of this free platform is endless.

Ranging from the possibility of seeing your digital impact in each geographic area to comparing your performance from one year to another,

Price: The free version is mostly sufficient thanks to its multiple features, however, if you are looking for more efficiency and precision: Google offers a premium version that costs around $ 100,000 / year.

Intended for who?

Google Analytics is the tool for you if you are an analyst, or for anyone wishing to analyze the performance of your website.

Creator Studio (social media management):

Creator Studio is an online platform, simple and efficient, which allows you to schedule and publish your posts on social networks: Facebook and Instagram in particular.

You also have the option of preparing your IGTVs, or on the other hand even your accounts. The interface is clear and ergonomic, you approach all your old publications just as their statistics in only a couple of snaps.


The tool is 100% free, you absolutely should be an administrator of a professional Facebook page to get to it.

intended for who?

Indispensable for local area supervisors who need to help their presence on Facebook and Instagram. WordPress (CMS) Main functionality:

WordPress is a CMS (content management system):

It makes website design accessible to everyone. Indeed, this tool will allow you to develop your own website, in a personalized and secure way, almost without coding! If you should start with support, don’t hesitate to contact us.

8P-Design provides a development service under WordPress and promises you an easy-quality site.


There are free version is available there are Paid version offers more features. Some extensions are paid.

Intended for who?

best for freelancers who need to design and maintain a website without being a coder. functionality:
Ever like is a Google Chrome extension that allows you to increase your likes on Instagram.

The principle is simple: this bot will like content related to your publications, and therefore automatically increase your digital presence in your field of activity. You can then define the number of posts to like per day, how many times per week you want to run the tool and which hashtag you want to target.


Free extension in Chrome.

Intended for who?

This tool is aimed at community managers or any other person who does not have a considerable amount of time to devote to Instagram but wants to increase their number of followers on the network.

MobileMonkey (chatbot)

OK! Here is a bonus!?? Main functionality:

MobileMonkey is a platform that offers several kinds of chatbots to help companies manage their communication with their customers! Whether on Instagram, Facebook, or on their website! They offer a multiplatform chatbot that unites inboxes.

Price : The price varies according to the subscription and according to the use you want to make of it! For more information on subscriptions, you can consult their price page!

Intended for who?
MobileMonkey is intended for all companies who want to simplify their communication with their customers on all of their platforms! / Conclusion It’s over, you know everything! These 11 tools will allow you to more easily and efficiently manage the digital marketing of your business.

However, if you still have questions about your marketing strategy, or the management of your social networks or even if you need support in digital marketing, contact us.

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