How you can make money as a beginner with YouTube shorts in 2022

How you can make money as a beginner with YouTube shorts in 2022

Today I am going to show you a brand new YouTube short monetization method that will allow you, as a beginner in 2022, to earn between $100 and $500 every day from YouTube shorts. And I also want to let you know that this is actually for everyone. It does not matter how many subscribers you have, it does not matter how many views you get, and you do not have to be YouTube famous to do this work and prove that I am going to show you some channels that I literally started a few months ago with zero subscribers and are now over 1 million subscriber channels that went from having $0 and making $0 to now making over $500 every day in pure passive income verified. If you are new here I post videos about making money online and how to build an online business. And if you want to learn all of this absolutely free, click the subscribe button below and let us get started with a full step-by-step guide. Now, for those who may not even know what YouTube shorts actually are, well YouTube shorts are a young version of TiC TOCs. So short vertical videos that are up to 60 seconds long, and they are a pretty distributed YouTube shorts have drawn or five a trillion views in the last couple of months, according to the CEO of YouTube. So YouTube shorts can be a pretty good way to build a brand new channel from scratch, it’s the easiest and fastest way to grow on YouTube. And that’s through YouTube shorts. But unfortunately, the $100 million fund for YouTube shorts is not the best way to monetize those videos. Even according to YouTube’s CEO, you would not need 600 million views to get just $10,000, which is incredibly stupid.

So I want to show you an alternative way to make money with YouTube shorts. So you do not have to have 600 million views to make a decent amount of money. But what I am about to show you can literally make you a lot more even if you have 100 times fewer views. So stay tuned. And here are a few successful examples. This channel is called Vlog Squad World. And they actually post somebody else’s take dogs, they are not even recreated with titles, and they do it every day, every day, they just post some tech talk on their account. So far they have 300,000 subscribers. Let us look at their older videos, their older videos were released a year ago. So this channel has gone from zero to over 300,000 subscribers in one year. And that’s the lowest and worst-performing channel that I am going to show you today. But even according to SocialBlade, they reach over 5 million views every month. And if they are just relying on ad revenue, they are making maybe $100, a couple of hundred dollars, which is really bad. But what I am going to show you now is what they are actually doing to make hundreds of dollars every day. And that has nothing to do with ad revenue. By the way, you can check out Social Blade, which is a tool that I personally use to see someone’s analytics. And it’s absolutely free. You can do the same thing at

They will estimate that they make about $20,000 a month from this channel. But that’s not true, because YouTube shorts have a very low CPM. In fact, they only earn a few cents, which of course does not match this estimate that says they earn about $4 per 1000 views, but of course, that’s not true. So this is an incorrect estimate. Do not look at that. This is really completely wrong. They are not making $20,000 in revenue now, but they are making a lot more with what I am going to show you later. The second channel on our list is the viral blog. This channel has made it from zero to over a million subscribers in less than a year. And they also upload footage of other people’s dogs. So these are 20 to 30-second videos that this person did not even record themselves. So the owner of the channel does not show his face on camera, he does not film anything, and he does not edit anything. That’s why they can literally post five short films every day and grow so quickly, because they are not the ones recording these YouTube shorts, and it does not really cost them anything to produce the content. That’s why it’s so easy for them. Now if you open the page and sort by the newest videos, you can see the oldest videos, sorry, you will see that their first video was published a year ago.

And if you go to the About section, you can see that they launched their channel in February 2020 2021. So in February 2020 21, they created a channel, so they joined YouTube last year, and if you open their first video, their first video was published on that day. If you open that video and look at the description, you can see that it was published on the day that they started the channel. So this video was published on the same day and they immediately started to grow because this video, even the first video they published on their channel, got tons of views. It was viewed 160 million times, even though it was the first video on their channel. And so they went from zero to over a million subscribers and now they are making over $500 every day. So imagine you start a channel today. And in the next six months, you are already making $100 to $300 every day with just one channel. And you literally need less than 10 minutes of work per day to do that. And I am going to walk you through exactly how to do that. And you can also open up your own social beta, which is estimated to get 140,000 views every single month.

The next channel on our list is why they do tik tok, they also do the same thing. They are reprising someone else’s fat dogs, someone else’s short clips, and they are attracting a lot of us. They started their channel last year as well. As you can see, a year ago they posted this video that had 168,000 views, nothing like the previous one that had about 160 million views. But these videos are more random, but I am going to show you how to focus on the most popular videos so you can get the best results possible. So stay tuned. As you can see, they also launched their channel over a year ago. So they started this channel almost half a year ago and they already have half a million subscribers earning over $500 every day. And they have almost 20 million views. Every month, almost 20 million people watch their videos. And once again, the owner of the channel does not show up, he does not make videos, he does not record anything yet, and he makes more than $500 every day. The next video, the next channel on our list, is Wirele Quinn’s, who is also copying someone else’s mallards. So they are taking someone else’s mallard videos and putting them on the other side of a YouTube channel to get a lot of views. And if you look at the About this channel section, you’ll see that he also opened a channel in February 2021.

And if you are wondering, like Dave, that there must be copyright infringement here, you can see that you just get a stand and name the person you are taking the videos from. And if the person is pissed that you are putting their video on YouTube, they can email you and tell you to remove the video. And you can then just remove it. And that’s it. But 99.9% of the time, people are going to be happy when you upload their content to YouTube because your ex has increased or they are getting rich for free because you are duplicating their content on another platform where more people can see those videos, and because you are doing it for free, you are not charging the person anything. So the person will be grateful to you for growing their brand without having to pay you. That’s why this model works so well. And these guys have had almost a million subscribers in less than a year, they have had almost a million subscribers and now they have over 1000 million views every month. And that allows them to make anywhere from $500 to almost $1,000 every single V. Before I show you how to monetize these videos, let us talk about how to create a channel like David. Because without such a channel, as we validate these views, you can not use the method to monetize YouTube shorts that I am going to show you in this post.

So let us talk about content creation. Well, if you want to start the same channel that reuploads, tic TOCs, and Instagram reels, you just need to open either tik tok or Instagram reels. For example, if you want to work with tike toke, you need to go through fake or just install their really addictive app on your smartphone device. And once you have done that, you can search for a trending video by searching for the hashtag for your page. So type in F Y beep and then search for that hashtag. This will show you all the viral accounts and videos. You can watch the top videos, or you can watch the videos when you log in. So I’ll be prompted to log in. Once you log in, you’ll see most of the viral videos. And then you can just open one of those videos and copy the link of the video. To copy the link, you just need to click copy link. And then you need to search for “fake duck downloader” on Google. And that will show you all these different downloaders and apps that you can use to download these tic TOCs completely free.

So you just go to tik tok and find a video that’s trending. And then you go to Google and search for tech dog download or you open up this Snap Click app, for example. And then you paste the link into this box and hit download. And in a few minutes, the video will be on your computer. I can download it now and as you can see, the video is on my computer and ready to be uploaded to YouTube. Now I can just name a person, in this case, I can just say this is the username that the video came from, and then I can name the person because they own the video. And I can just upload it to my own YouTube channel as a YouTube short. So that’s the whole process. That’s exactly the way the wild queens run this viral Tiktok channel that I showed you before. That’s exactly the way they do it. That’s why they can post five to 10 videos every day without getting burnout. Because this process takes less than 20 seconds. Go to Fake Duck or Instagram Reels, find a nice video, copy the link and download it with one click. And then you can just upload it again. And that’s it. You do not have to create a thumbnail, write a description, worry about tags or anything like that, you just upload it to your YouTube channel and credit the owner of the video. So that’s the whole process of creating such a channel. And if you are consistent and you post regularly, like five to 10 videos a day, five to 10 videos a day, every single day, it’s not that hard because as you can see, the whole process takes less than 10 minutes. so 10 minutes a day is all you need. So if you stay consistent and spend just 10 minutes a day on your channel, I can almost guarantee that some of the videos will go viral after a few months. And I can almost guarantee that your channel will grow exponentially. But if you just start posting random vector X in random shorts and you do not get any results in the first two weeks or the first month and even the first two months and you think, Ah, this is not working and you give up, then, of course, you are not going to make any money.

That’s why it’s so difficult just to be in business. You actually have to be in it for the long haul if you want to see results. And most people are not willing to stick with one strategy for the long term, many just give up and move on to something else. And then obviously it does not work out for them. So how do all these people make money from their YouTube channels? Because as I said, they do not make money from either channel, they only make a few cents, even though they attract millions of viewers. So how are these channels monetized? Well, they fund these channels through brand deals, sponsorships, and community posts. If you look at the community posts of any of these channels, you will notice that they are promoting something different. Every day they post a different community post and people pay them hundreds of dollars. For the channels that I run, like my YouTube automation channels, I charge between $500 and $1,500 per community post. So sometimes I get paid $1,000 for a single community post. And these people have channels that have over a million subscribers. So they can also charge between $500 and $1,500 per community post. And since they get a community post every day, that means they are making between $500 and $1,000 every day from a single YouTube channel. So in this case, it would have literally taken them less than a year to go from zero to almost $1,000 per day. And that’s all through brand deal sponsorships and these community posts. The way that works is you just put your email address in the about section. That’s what I personally do for my faceless YouTube automation channels as well: I just write my email address in the about section of those channels. Then when someone notices that your channel is growing, you’ll immediately get a lot of emails from brands and companies trying to sponsor your videos, and they’ll compete to see who’s going to pay you more to post on your channel because obviously, you are getting a lot of viewers, in this case, 10 million views every single month. That’s an insane number of people. So you are willing to pay a lot of money to advertise on your channel. And that’s exactly how this works. This is the best way you can monetize YouTube shorts in 2022. And you can open up so many of these channels that each of them publishes some community posts, some sponsor community posts, as you can see, to promote apps and promote different channels and websites and so on. And they all charge hundreds, if not thousands of dollars for each of these community posts. So the whole process is actually pretty simple. It just takes a certain amount of time to build momentum, and it just takes a certain amount of time to see the initial results, but if it takes you less than 20 seconds to download a video from Tik Tok or Instagram that’s uploaded to the channel, give the person who uploaded the video the name of the owner in the video itself or in the description of the video. Just start posting five to 10 videos on your channel every day. Add your email address in the “About” section, like a new business email address that people can contact to reach you, and when they start reaching you, it will cost hundreds of dollars per community post. It’s a series that’s easy and a simple business model and once again, it just takes time and patience. So I hope you learn something new from this post.

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